Frequently Asked Questions


Who will be doing the work? 

At Remington Contracting Services, we use the professionals who are best fit for the job at hand. This way we can guarantee a high end finish that meets your expectations. Throughout the construction process there will be many different tradespeople involved with your project. Rest assured though, we only use the most talented, licenced, and insured craftsmen.   

How long will it take for my job to be done? 

We do our best to set an accurate time line once the desired project has been finalized. Since each development plan will be customized for you, the homeowner, the amount of time it will take to complete the work will vary. We do understand that you will want the job finished as fast as possible, and we will strive to ensure your home project is completed in a timely manner.   

What permits do I need, and who takes care of making sure they are completed? 

All permits required for your home project will be attained by Remington Contracting through the City of Edmonton Planning Department.  

Will there be any hidden costs? 

In most cases once we have finalized the working plans for your home, all costs for the project will be included in the quote and should not change. There are, in some few cases, unforeseen issues that could impact the project and require additional costs. That said, we take great care to inspect the worksite thoroughly at the time of initial design to minimize any unwanted costs once the work has begun. 

Do I have to pay up front? How much do I hold in reserve until I am satisfied with the workmanship? 

We never ask for money before work has begun and we structure our payment program to suit each clients project. Terms of payment will be agreed upon during the project consultation. For your peace of mind the final 10% of every project will be due when the final site inspection has been completed with the owner, and the contract has been satisfied.

I see contractors on television telling the homeowners that they need more money for unforeseen problems. Will this happen to me?  

In most cases the project goes as planned without any surprises along the way as we thoroughly inspect the job site for any possible issues that will have a dollar value attached to them and include those associated costs in our quote. This minimizes the possibility of unforeseen costs occurring.     

What happens if I am unhappy with the work provided? 

As we are a Family operated business, your referrals are very important to us!  We therefore place a high expectation on our contractors to complete the work not just to your satisfaction, but to ours as well. With that in mind, the owner will meet with you on site at the time of the projects completion to ensure you are satisfied with the work. Should there be any items in need of attention our team will work quickly to resolve them, and the final 10% of the funds will be held by you until the contracted work has been satisfied.